Mentoring and Tutoring

My name is Matt, and I am a writer. There, I’ve admitted it, and you can too.

I am seeking writers, self-doubting writers (does that sound like you?), and English students; at all levels, to share my passion for storytelling and to cultivate a deeper interest in writing and reading.

Through my background in Creative Writing, English, and Architecture, I have been able to tutor and mentor a diverse group of students and writers; both in group lessons and one-to-one, and face-to-face and online.

My main area of interest is English and I have an MA Distinction in Creative Writing from the University of Roehampton. Before this, I qualified as an architect at the University of Brighton and ran my own architectural practice for fourteen years. During that time, I also worked with the RIBA teaching architecture students.

Whether you are a student studying literature or language; a beginner; somebody keen to develop their writing craft; or an established writer who needs mentoring or coaching, I can help.

Whatever stage of your journey, or whichever style or genre you write, I will help you complete projects. And, by strengthening professional habits, structure your engaging, productive, and sustainable writing life.

Together, we can work on anything from exams or essays, to short stories or poetry, or finishing that first novel you’ve been promising yourself; or any form of writing you are undertaking.

My goal is to keep you engaged and stimulated, which will enable you to build confidence when you write and progress your work or studies to achieve your goals. We can focus on the four critical writing components: plot, character, narration, and world building; whilst also addressing the correct use of grammar and punctuation to make your writing clearer and stronger.

I am eager to get to know you and understand your specific needs, so we can create a personalised lesson and plan for your success.

Some areas we will focus on:

All writers:

  • Examining your creative process
  • Providing you with inspiration and motivation
  • Instilling your productivity and growing your confidence
  • Combating any procrastination or writer’s block
  • Prioritising your writing projects and time management
  • Giving you feedback on your work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Advising on your submissions to publications and agents
  • Investigating your career development
  • Building your online and social media presence

Student specific:

  • Assessing and analysing written texts
  • Advice and guidance on writing essays
  • Exam techniques

My aim is to help you create discipline, routine, and a passion to transform your approach to writing; ensuring you considerable progress on your journey to achieve your writing goals.

I have an Enhanced DBS, work flexible hours, and my current timetable has convenient availability.

If this sounds interesting and what you’ve been searching for, then email 

Matt Lucas MA PgDip

Title Image by Edar from Pixabay