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So, here is another attempt to motivate…

Hold on, what’s with the “so” business? I mean it’s everywhere these days. Anyone who is anyone starts their sentence with a “so”. (And yes, I know, no conjunctions at the start or end of a sentence, doh!)

‘So, this is how I wrote ten thousand words in one day.’

‘So, whilst the pot of molten tar boils…’

‘So, money was no object…’

‘So, I like totally got wasted.’

‘So, what happened to my MC? That’s a good question.’

And, so on…

Every other person being interviewed on radio or television, when questioned, starts their diatribe ‘so’. So much so, it’s becoming addictive.

So, anyway, another attempt to motivate myself and my muse; a clearer and easily administered blog.

Of course, it’s empty at the moment, because I’ve not added any writing. Now, I did think to add all my old scribblings from my previous blog, and I may do so later, but for now the emptiness should help with motivation (as I’ve said so many times already-just to expand the word count!).

Flash Fiction, Flash Poesy, excerpts from my WIP, and any other rambling that may confine itself to my tablet writing app will be posted (or blogged) hereabouts from time to time, hopefully from less time to less time.

Consequently, with procrastination being a wonderful pastime, if you’ve not seen a Tweet or Facebook post telling you I’ve blogged again, you’re welcome to prod me with a sharp pointy stick, or request that I Make It So!

Words: 249.

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