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Another Update!

This is ridiculous, really. Update!

It’s been so long. Is there an antonym for update: unupdated? Or is downdated? Down rated more like, or downgraded, could fit the bill for sure.

Rebooted, relaunched, resurrected!

Everyone’s doing it, Lana Wachowski returns with The Matrix Resurrections (and I’m so looking forward to the next instalment). Then I found this box of toys, games, puzzles. A childhood history and mystery in my mother’s loft; such memories.

Revisited, reminisced, realised time isn’t standing still. You’ve got to move forward.

So, I stumbled back here again, found old texts and ideas, and incomplete paths.

But, the dream’s not evaporated into the aether, it’s been fermenting in my subconscious, whilst I’ve been writing and editing; the only route to realisation. And I’ve completed a novel at 110k words, which I’ve hugged closely to my breast for too long, but now released to agents and their thoughts.

I’m remembering a life before complete concentration and combining it with a new rebooted existence, which will mix writing passion, insecurities, newfound confidence, and achievable dreams, because I’ve written and conquered, and now have a better idea of what it’s all about. Of course, I’ve yet to hear from the literary factions, but for now that doesn’t matter; I’m focusing on the table of toys.

New ideas, new directions, reinvigorating aspirations, and remembering how to Yoyo!

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