Flash Poetry

Day Tripper

A flash poetry writing post composed for March, inspired by Paul Gustave Fischer’s painting Copenhagen Tram; above.

Day Tripper

It’s really very important not to over-stress,
Try not to do more, but attempt to do less,
Being calm and relaxed is the way to impress,
Take a jaunt on the Cornish Riviera Express.

If life drags you down and you’re feeling shitty,
Jump on board, leave the smoke of the big city,
Countryside scenery is beautifully fresh, so pretty,
Ticket inspector loves a joke, he’s awfully witty.

Chilled and happy you’ll arrive ready for fun,
Rush from the platform like a bullet from a gun,
Looking forward to ice-cream, sandy beaches and hot sun,
First to the parlour, so many flavours, but which one?

It won’t be long before you stop feeling glum,
Talk to the locals make a friendly new chum,
Drink pints of West Country cider and Pirate’s rum,
Careful, not too much, don’t want to fall on one’s bum!

Such fun and don’t worry if you miss the train home,
Stay in a B&B, or guesthouse and write a topical pome,
Not too short, but not to long, we don’t want a tome!
Stroll around Torquay, read it aloud wherever you may roam.

Time to travel back to the city, but darling don’t distress,
You’ll be travelling again on the Cornish Riviera Express,
Visit the dining car for sandwiches of egg and cress,
Arrive in the smoke all rested, happy and refreshed.

229 Words.

Image: bnps.co.uk

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