Flash Poetry

Flash Fiction Poetry: The Recipe. May

A flash poetry writing post composed for May. This piece is a poem, of no more than twenty-five lines, using the following words: verdant, open, silence, richness, compassion, and recipe.

The Recipe

The recipe,
I crave it, desire it,
Must open the page of measurements,
To prosper and thrive,
Not survive.

The recipe,
To climb it, walk it,
A verdant landscape to explore,
To grow and improve,
Not prove.

The recipe,
To read it, study it,
Sit in its silence to breathe,
To stop and meditate,
Not deliberate.

The recipe,
To enjoy it, utilise it,
Consider the richness of narrative,
To discover and expand,
Not reprimand.

The recipe,
To embrace it, love it,
Unlock answers within compassion,
To gain and promote,
Not remote.

90 Words.

Edited from an Original Post on:

Litopia May Flash Fiction Competition

Image by Pfüderi from Pixabay

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